National proposal in the face of several unresolved challenges in the dental sector.

This membership consists of:

  • The purchase of this Membership gives you the possibility of having a dental cleaning done annually for a period of 10 years.
  • It consists of a single payment of ₡ 90,000, which covers the entire 10-year period and taxes.
  • Each cleaning consists of using ultrasound to remove tartar (Scaling), polishing with brushes or rubber cups to remove bacterial plaque and applying fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel.
  • It is a completely painless procedure that has a preventive function for some dental diseases. Dental cleaning consists of removing tartar and stains that are on the teeth or under the gums. … Dentists recommend a dental cleaning once or twice a year.
  • We will be serving you with the highest quality standards, the best materials and facilities with the latest technology located in the central valley in the province of Heredia.
  • Of the purchases made with a credit card you will receive back 4% VAT on your invoice. (+/- ₡ 3600). According to the law of Strengthening of the public finances of Costa Rica
  • With your purchase we will pay between 10% and 30% of income taxes to the government to strengthen the finances of our country, which is included in your purchase price, there are no surprises for additional charges.
  • Therefore the cost of your dental care per year will be approximately ₡ 5900 for this Membership, free of taxes and commissions.
  • 100,000 memberships are equivalent to only 2% of the population of Costa Rica. Do not miss this opportunity.
  • With your purchase you will be creating around 100 sources of employment for a period of 10 years, all of these sources with their respective social responsibilities.
  • This project complies with the minimum fees, the code of ethics, the natural law of the College of Dental Surgeons of Costa Rica and seeks fair competition between the dental union in a disruptive way.
  • For more details see terms and conditions of this service (click here).

Dental Memberships

National investment fund for high-quality dental treatments.

We could not achieve this goal without the support and endorsement of:

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