National proposal in the face of several unresolved challenges in the dental sector.

17 March 2021 by cerocaries 0 Comments

How long do zirconia dental crowns last?

A crown is a sleeve that is placed around a tooth affected by large fractures or cavities or because there is a risk of tooth breakage.

17 December 2020 by cerocaries 0 Comments

Dental crowns in children: In which cases does it apply?

The dental crown is a dental resource that consists of a coating designed to wrap damaged teeth and improve the alignment of those that are crooked.

25 November 2020 by cerocaries 0 Comments

Types of dental crowns and bridges

Although they perform similar functions, crowns are covers that are placed around an affected tooth and bridges are added to replace a lost tooth.

14 October 2020 by cerocaries 0 Comments

Differences between veneers and dental crowns

Veneers and dental crowns are dental solutions that have the common goal of achieving an aesthetic and natural smile result, but there are differences between the two.

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