National proposal in the face of several unresolved challenges in the dental sector.

19 February 2021 by cerocaries 0 Comments

Complete oral restoration

The denture is a set of anatomical organs that plays an essential role in the function of chewing, the correct pronunciation of words and the aesthetic appearance of the person.

17 February 2021 by cerocaries 0 Comments

What is the process for putting dental implants?

The loss of a tooth is a setback that has strong repercussions in the personal and social sphere.

11 December 2020 by cerocaries 0 Comments

What are the prices of some dental treatments?

As with other professional activities, the dental services that we provide in Costa Rica are governed by minimum amounts of mandatory compliance.

25 November 2020 by cerocaries 0 Comments

Types of dental crowns and bridges

Although they perform similar functions, crowns are covers that are placed around an affected tooth and bridges are added to replace a lost tooth.

19 November 2020 by cerocaries 0 Comments

How to maintain a dental implant?

The maintenance of dental implants, as well as of the prostheses that are placed on them, is as important as that to be given to natural teeth.

17 November 2020 by cerocaries 0 Comments

Dental implants: accurate diagnosis for this treatment

As is typical of all medical care, diagnosis is an essential requirement for making therapeutic decisions and the performance of any subsequent procedure.

15 October 2020 by cerocaries 0 Comments

Cost of dental implants in Costa Rica vs USA

Dental implants are the closest approximation to the dream of those who have lost part or all of their teeth, of having a solution to regain their ability to chew, speak and smile.

26 September 2020 by cerocaries 0 Comments

What you should know about dental implant surgery

Dental implant surgery is the procedure that we use in odontology to replace the roots of the teeth with metal pins, in order to replace, with an artificial dental piece, a missing or damaged tooth. It is a well accepted...

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