National proposal in the face of several unresolved challenges in the dental sector.

19 February 2021 by cerocaries 0 Comments

Complete oral restoration

The denture is a set of anatomical organs that plays an essential role in the function of chewing, the correct pronunciation of words and the aesthetic appearance of the person.

14 December 2020 by cerocaries 0 Comments

X-rays and 3D Images: Its application in dentistry

Radiography is a widely known technique among common people, due to its frequent use in hospitals, to determine if a person has a bone fracture or abnormalities in their internal organs.

23 November 2020 by cerocaries 0 Comments

Importance of taking dental x-rays

Dental radiographs are an instrument for complementary diagnosis, essential in all dental specialties, from the initial stage of diagnosis and treatment planning, to post-treatment control.

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