National proposal in the face of several unresolved challenges in the dental sector.

15 February 2021 by cerocaries 0 Comments

Affordable Dental Services: An Option for the Whole Population

In Costa Rica, and in any part of the world, there is a very general criterion that dental services are expensive.

20 January 2021 by cerocaries 0 Comments

What is gingivitis and how to prevent it?

Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums, caused by a thin, sticky, colorless layer of bacteria that constantly forms on the teeth and gums.

14 December 2020 by cerocaries 0 Comments

X-rays and 3D Images: Its application in dentistry

Radiography is a widely known technique among common people, due to its frequent use in hospitals, to determine if a person has a bone fracture or abnormalities in their internal organs.

11 December 2020 by cerocaries 0 Comments

What are the prices of some dental treatments?

As with other professional activities, the dental services that we provide in Costa Rica are governed by minimum amounts of mandatory compliance.

19 November 2020 by cerocaries 0 Comments

How to maintain a dental implant?

The maintenance of dental implants, as well as of the prostheses that are placed on them, is as important as that to be given to natural teeth.

17 November 2020 by cerocaries 0 Comments

Dental implants: accurate diagnosis for this treatment

As is typical of all medical care, diagnosis is an essential requirement for making therapeutic decisions and the performance of any subsequent procedure.

16 October 2020 by cerocaries 0 Comments

Orthodontic treatment (braces) for children and adults

The teeth can be moved and corrected at any age, using orthodontic techniques, although the ideal is an early intervention, to avoid the development of problems that demand.or

13 October 2020 by cerocaries 0 Comments

What is the exchange of amalgams for resins?

Still today, amalgam is still considered as a solution to repair a tooth damaged by decay or trauma and restore its chewing and aesthetic function.

28 September 2020 by cerocaries 0 Comments

Types of dental crowns: How to choose the best one?

A crown is a wrap that is placed as an extreme resource, around a fractured tooth, when there is a high risk of fracture or when the tooth has very large cavities. The crown fulfills the functions of bonding a...

22 September 2020 by cerocaries 0 Comments

Trays teeth whitening: What does it consist of?

The teeth are susceptible to color changes and the appearance of stains, for various reasons, among which are smoking, poor oral hygiene and the consumption of certain foods, such as coffee, tea, red wine and soft drinks gaseous. Color changes...

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